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Victor Vinokurov
Viktor Vinokurov works from imagination, writes quickly, spontaneously, safely - in his paintings is not expanded narrative. He often compares the large front to the rear, avoiding the full-scale construction of perspective that makes the dynamics in the spatial relationships in his paintings. The main means of expression of his art - color, bright, rich, intense. Coloring sounds, decorative. Vinokourov does not create a scene of real life, and transfers his ideas, his dreams about the world, about life, about justice and beauty. Before us is an eternal holiday, the dream of perfect harmony, freedom and openness. The artist's work has a deep connection with the people's attitude, which is reflected in the coloring of his paintings, reminiscent of colorful paint folk festival, in kindness, in a rare for modern painting sense of humor.

Artworks by Victor Vinokurov are in collections in Russia and abroad. Since 1994, the artist was about 25 solo exhibitions.

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