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Sergey Sologub
Sergey Sologub`s works is really unusual for Cologne, a city known in Europe as the capital of formalism and modernism. Comparing to the video and multimedia installation, which are familiar to the modern viewers gaze, Sologub`s artworks - large canvases in metal frames, made in the traditional technique of oil painting with a glaze, - seem to "fall out" of our time and do not belong to art. According to a German art historian Suzanne Von Romatovski saying at the opening of his exhibition in Cologne, "Sologub works in the style of "detailed realism", raising everyday thing over time, as did the best representatives of the genre in European painting".
The interest of German critics and audiences to the works of Cologne Sologub, perhaps explained by the fact that the artist is making his professional work - oil painting - not chasing after the multimedia opportunities of today's art, and may be interpetes to the enduring genre in his own way exacerbating the perception of the audience and creating something new, despite the modern trend in art .

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