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Alona Azernaja

Member Artists Union of Russia, Artist, Graphic. In her art the artist adheres to the symbolist concept. The graphic pieces are decorative, entertaining, and laconic. The distinct characteristics are symbolism, the artists effort to think over and to reveal the nature of the symbol. The paintings are deeper in content, more serious, and do better reflect the inner world of the artist. Photos do supplement and develop artists creative concept of paintings and graphical works. In general the works are forming the independent series, each one including paintings, graphics and photo works. The author is an active participant of the exhibitions in Russia and abroad. The artworks were purchased by the museums, galleries, and by private collections.

Biography:1966 birth year. 1989 graduated Ural Architectural Institute, Department of Architecture; 1999 graduated Ural State University, Department of Arts; Since 1989 working in the areas of advertising, interior design, and free art.

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