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Sergey Astapov

Since 1980 the participant of national, regional and city exhibitions. The participant of exhibitions: in Russia, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, the USA, Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan.
Works with galleries of Russia, the USA, France, Switzerland.
Some of works are in Museums of Russia, Denmark Grenen Kunstmuseum Skagen.
In private collections: Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Israel, India, Indonesia, China, the Netherlands, Russia, the USA, France, Czech Republic Switzerland, Japan; and also Sultan Hamengkubuvono X Jogjakarta Indonesia, the Prince Welsh Windsor, Great Britain, the French actor Alain Delon France, the singer and composer Andrey Makarevich Russia, the director of the Hermitage of M.B Piatrovsky.

Biography:1971-1975 the pupil of Average Art School of institute of I.E.Repin Academy of Art of the USSR
1975-1981 the student of Institute of Painting, Sculptures and Architecture of Repin Academy of Art of the USSR, sculpture faculty
1981-1983 post-graduate student of institute of Repin
Since 1981 a member of the Union of Artists of St.-Petersburg.
Technical skills: monumental and interior sculpture, a portrait, the unique drawing, design of an interior, an author's photo.

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