Odoevsky Art Galleryhas been operating on the art market in Russia and Europe for over 10 years. Besides a large number of exhibitions of Russian artists, the Gallery has held in its showrooms in Ekaterinburg more than a dozen of exhibitions of artists representing Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Czech Republic, Norway, UK and USA in the showrooms of Yekaterinburg. As a result of international projects performed by Odoevsky Gallery" many artists of Ekaterinburg were able to participate in exhibitions held by the Gallery in various European countries.
The most remarkable examples of recent international projects include:
2004-2006"European exhibition tour" - an exhibition of Ural artists the "Russian Colors". The exhibition was displayed in London, Cologne, Luxembourg, Nimes (France), Barcelona and Prague. It presented the works of about 20 authors.
2008- Exhibition of copies of world masterpieces made by students of the Sverdlovsk Art College. The exhibition was displayed in Copenhagen, Luxembourg and Munich.

2010- In the Year of Russia France one of the many cultural events in France and Russia, was the exhibition of the Ural artists RUSSIAN COLORS from Ural in Cannes in August 2010. For the exhibition has been allocated exhibition space in the building of the Port Authority of Cannes.

"Odoevsky Art Gallery"presents an exposition of Russian artists "Russian Colors". This exhibition is a part of the collection, the basic concept of which is to show contemporary art in Russia. Its spirit is now international, but it remains distinctive in the choice of subjects and the use of artistic techniques.
The exhibition presents works by artists whose works are marked with a unique style and a personal vision, resulting in an alloy of the reality and expression. Artists use various techniques: pastel, tempera, acrylic on paper and paintings on canvas. The creative search of contemporary artists is a difficult process of evolution of the art, which develops in the field "nature - the artist - the society".
The high professional level of Russian academic school explains the fact that Russian artists are participate in various exhibitions
in Europe and the USA. Their works can be found in public museums and private collections both in Russia and abroad.

"Odoevsky Art Gallery"offers to corporate customers organization of exhibitions of Russian and foreign artists as image advertising both in Russia and in Europe.

We also can help you to form private and corporate collections by Russian and foreign artists (painting, drawing, sculpture, batik, gobelin tapestry, glass, ceramics, etc.).

Gallery offers for the purchase of works of art (painting, drawing, sculpture) of any artists of the gallery for design offices and residences, as well as writing beautiful copies of paintings from the collections of museums in the world at a very high level and at an attractive price.